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June 27, 2003

Dear Mayor Penelas:

This is a plea to free Tokitae, aka Lolita, from the Miami Seaquarium.

This whale was torn from her family at the age of 5 in the early days of Orca harvesting for aquarium display and entertainment purposes. The brutality inflicted upon the now endangered L Pod of the famous Puget Sound Orcas was subsequently banned in the United Sates as a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Lolita has languished in an antiquated, sub-standard and illegally-sized leaking, chlorinated tank for over 33 years. Today she is alone, remaining listless when not forced to perform for her food. There are well-founded suspicions from within and without the Seaquarium that she is being given Prozac, yet the Miami Seaquarium refuses to release her medical records, which should be public information.

For those who believe Lolita could not "make it" in the wild, consider that just one year ago during a performance several concerned cetacean advocates including a marine scientist played a tape of the Puget Sound L pod and members of her family vocalizing. There could be no doubt that she recognized their call. Eyewitnesses remarked, "Lolita went NUTS!" The group also held up a sign which read, "Lolita, your family is calling you!" to inform the audience that her pod was alive and well and that in reality she still belongs to them. The group's equipment was confiscated and they were escorted out by security under threat of arrest.

Playing the tape of her pod to Lolita was an attempt to confirm to the Seaquarium and public what most marine biologist already know: cetaceans, which include Orcas, have a long memory, very strong family ties and intricate vocalizations that are recognized as a kind of language (or dialect) specific to each family or pod, and unmistakably understood by its members. That Lolita would "make it" in the wild is unquestioned. In fact, as her pod has been recently designated as endangered, her presence as a breeding female would help stabilize the population.

After earning her captors literally billions of dollars, isn't it time Lolita was allowed to return to her pod? Ken Balcomb, a marine biologist and whale researcher, has outlined a retirement and release program for her. The Miami Seaquarium would like nothing better than to sabotage any efforts at her release. They are not working for the well-being of their longest-running performer and killer whale. In fact, marine biologist who visit and witness the illegal-sized, decrepit facility assert that in those conditions she doesn't have a lot of time left.

The general public has become more and more aware of the plight of cetaceans in captivity. Orcas suffer incredibly throughout their lives when held in tiny concrete tanks. Artificial, chlorinated water is unhealthy for their skin and eyes; infections are common. Forced behaviors, such as jumping through hoops or giving humans "rides" only reinforces the concept that humans can dominate and control even the greatest of marine species. In order to achieve these orca "feats," food is withheld. This is not education. This is a perverse attempt to justify making a huge profit for this entertainment industry. So many people have told me personally that it is actually painful to observe these majestic Orcas (or belugas and dolphins for that matter) swimming in endless circles in a concrete tank. Orcas can swim more than 300 miles every day yet when trapped and controlled in concrete tanks, do not vocalize, can not echo-locate and do not use the complex language that defines them as one of the most intelligent of species on the planet.

Did you know there are dozens of chapters around the world, mostly in the US, where literally thousands of individuals are working on ways to bring about her planned retirement, and release back to the same pod-family that waits for her and so desperately needs her in Puget Sound?

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Please add your urgent support to the efforts to retire Lolita before she perishes in the Seaquarium. Help her 34 years of performance finally be rewarded properly; let us follow human morals, decency and respect and return this whale to her family and pod in Puget Sound. Enclosed please find petitions to free Lolita collected over just 2 days in the New York City area.

Thank you very much.

Taffy Williams, Director

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