The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League

Saturday, Oct. 8th, 12 noon - 3 pm

known as the Japanese DRIVE FISHERY

Stand with activists in over 60 cities around the world in over 20 countries and

299 Park Avenue (49th Street)
Saturday, October 8th
12 noon-3 pm
NYPD Permit

The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League, Sea Shepherd, Born Free Foundation, In Defense of Animals, HSUS, United Action For Animals, are just a small number of the local and international groups uniting for this critical ACTION TO SAVE THE DOLPHINS OF OUR WORLD FROM SLAUGHTER AND CAPTIVITY.

The Japanese drive fisheries are, ironically, sponsored by the global aquarium/captive display industry where hundreds of dolphins are "driven" up on the beaches to be either slaughtered or sent to live out their lives swimming in endless circles in concrete tanks jumping for food and doing "stupid dolphin tricks!" for their operators' enrichment. Dolphins' lives are shortened drastically in chlorinated artificial tank environments and in order to keep the enough of the fast-dying dolphins jumping for food at the swim-with and dolphin show facilities, the aquarium industry looks to the Japanese drive fishery. The dolphins driven up on the beaches that are not chosen are butchered on the beaches in a gruesome display: the sands and waters turn red with blood, while dolphins scream and moan with eerily human-like voices.

During the protest a document "PACKAGE OF CONDEMNATION" will be delivered to Japanese consulate officials around the world as the public and millions of NGO members stand decisively to stop the dolphin killing machine.

NEW YORK CITY ACTIVISTS - It's time to JOIN TOGETHER FOR THIS CRITICAL DAY and send a loud and clear message to the "masters of dolphin butchery" that IT MUST END NOW!

Please be there to say NO MORE DOLPHIN MASSACRES! on October 8th. Bring signs, be creative, bring drums and your voices! Most of all, bring YOURSELF! For more info contact or 914-793-9186.

This protest event is being held in memory of world renowned activist and animal welfare champion, Ben White, 1951-2005, who once braved the armed guards and frigid waters of a Japanese bay to cut through the nets where 40 dolphins had been driven and were awaiting a cruel death at the hands of the dolphin drive fishery.

Please copy this information and send it to all your lists for animals, marine life,
the environment and peace on earth!

October 8 2005 flyer

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The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League
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