The New York Whale and Dolphin Action League


For Cetaceans
And Marine Life

Here are only a few of the many issues affecting cetaceans and marine life: everything from bogus "scientific" whaling to climate change. Please support the organizations working on these problems by using the links below to participate in their petition campaigns. It only takes a few seconds to help marine life!

Protect the Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) in Puerto Rico, home to many tropical habitats and endangered species, from mega-resort development.

Stop the capture of 80 wild dolphins from the waters of Panama

Petition To Ban The Display Of Beluga Whales And Other Cetaceans In New York City

End Dolphin Slaughtering In Japan

Tell Wal-Mart To Stop The Sale Of Whale Meat In Japan

Say "No" to Japan's Plan to Kill Humpback Whales

End Scientific Whaling, The Whale-Killing Loophole

Australian And South Pacific Whales Under Renewed Threat From Whaling

Help Make A Difference For Our Ocean Planet

Call For A Global Ban Brutal Shark Finning

End Canada's Merciless Seal Hunt

Threatened Oceans: Help Save The Striped Bass

Stop The Seal Pup Hunt

No More Leg Traps Used On Wildlife In Alaska

Stop Deadly "Dirty Fishing"

Stop Congress From Gutting The Endangered Species Act

Global Warming Threatens Health Of World's Oceans

Counter Climate Crisis - Take The Pledge

Avoid Severe Climate Change In California

Help Prevent Oil Spills In Alaska's Coastal Waters

Help to close the Dolphin Tank at Manati Park Bavaro

Protect Ocean Wildlife and Keep Tuna Dolphin-Safe

Bruges dolfinarium must be closed

URGENT Stop dolphin imports and transfers in Mexico

Stop Use of Dolphins in Mine-Hunting Operations

Don't Weaken the "Dolphin Safe" tuna label

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